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We can provide the people, capabilities and facilities to solve virtually any technical challenge on Halal possibilities.


Hafsa Halal is a young certification company, founded by Yusuf and Murat.

Murat Bayka
Murat BaykaPartner
Owning a restaurant for over 20 years, taught about me all the disciplines in the food industry. After retiring from the restaurant business, my personal interest drew me in the direction of Halal certification. A business in which I can make great use of my experience and energy!
Yusuf Karabudak
Yusuf KarabudakPartner
Having started entrepeneurship at a young age, I’ve ben active in many industries. In the food industry I worked as a distributor of several brands of tea. Thanks to Murat I got in touch with Halal certification and it’s been a perfect match ever since.

The fact that we both have a serious passion for the food industry actually made us grow towards the Halal Certification business. On our own flexible way, we do our utter best to certify our clients. Being a young business also has the perks of being able to operate at a much lower rate then competitors.

Hafsa Halal is a multinational company, based in The Netherlands, Germany and Turkey. Our head office is stated in Rotterdam, The Netherlands. Our flexibility is our power. We’re always able to come by quick or to do a video conference. Would you rather like to meet at our office? Our coffee is always ready!

Hafsa Halal Certification Corporate Responsibility


Consuming Halal foods is an important condition within the Islamic religion. And therefore for Muslim consumers worldwide. But specific regions in the world have different requirements in Halal standards & certification. Hafsa Halal Certification understands these local differences. And can help you understand them as well.

OUR MISSIONTo 'Halalify' the world according to the highest certification standards.
OUR COMMITMENTTo make Halal foods accessible in a responsible way.
OUR CHALLENGETo become the global leader in Halal certification.

The Future is Halal

Hafsa is commited to enhancing people’s lives in a responsible way. Together with food manufacturers, customers, governments and communities, we help people thrive by applying our insights and many years of experience in Halal solutions.

Hafsa offers a broad scale of Halal solutions. We provide food manufacturers, foodservice companies and retailers with high-quality Halal certified ingredients, Halal processing technology and a spectrum of Halal services.

Halal food is an important part of daily life of Muslim consumers worldwide. A significant boost in global Halal food production will be necessary to meet growing demand. We are optimistic that Halal food can be produced to meet this demand.

Get Certified


Halal means free from any component that Muslims are prohibited to consume according to Islamic law.

A Halal certification is a worldwide recognized document given by Hafsa after an positive audit procedure at the factory location where the products are produced, which proves that the product is made with ingredients (and produced in an environment) that are Halal according to Islamic law.

The economic value of the total Halal market is estimated at 3 trillion USD for the year 2020.

There are 57 Muslim (or mostly Muslim) countries in the world. According to a study, dating from January 2011, there are 1.5 billion muslims.

The worldwide expectation is an exponentially growth within the following sectors: food, tourism, fashion, media & recreation, farmacie, cosmetics and finance.

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