About Hafsa

We can provide the people, capabilities and facilities to solve virtually any technical challenge on Halal possibilities.

The fact that our organization has a serious passion for the food industry actually made us grow towards the Halal Certification business. We listen carefully to the needs of our customers. And we are always solution-driven. That makes us a strong partners with our customers. Besides that, Hafsa Halal also has the necessary international experience through our various branches and markets.

Our flexibility is our power! We’re always able to come by quick or to do a video conference. Would you rather like to meet at our office? Our tasty coffee is always ready for you!

the founding partners

Hafsa Halal is a young certification company, founded by Yusuf and Murat.
Murat Bayka

Owning a restaurant for over 20 years, taught about me all the disciplines in the food industry. After retiring from the restaurant business, my personal interest drew me in the direction of Halal certification. A business in which I can make great use of my experience and energy!

Yusuf Karabudak

Having started entrepeneurship at a young age, I’ve ben active in many industries. In the food industry I worked as a distributor of several brands of tea. Thanks to Murat I got in touch with Halal certification and it’s been a perfect match ever since.

Halal Hafsa has a Halal Trademark, which is the logo that serves for labeling the halal product. The protection of Hafsa Halal trademark is published on 02-02-2021 by EUIPO (European Union Intellectual Property Office).

The role of the trademark is that:

  1. Serves to mark products that meet the requirements of the Halal standard,
  2. Identifies institutions whose business is related to the production, storage, distribution and sale of halal products and
  3. Make distinctive products that meet the Halal standard requirements.

The trademark can be used by:

  • Hafsa Halal
  • Manufacturers that are successfully certified by Hafsa Halal
  • Other users authorized by Hafsa Halal.