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What is Halal?

Halal means free from any component that Muslims are prohibited to consume according to Islamic law.

What is a Halal Certification?

A Halal certification is a worldwide recognized document given by Hafsa after an positive audit procedure at the factory location where the products are produced, which proves that the product is made with ingredients (and produced in an environment) that are Halal according to Islamic law.

What is the economic value of the Halal market?

The economic value of the total Halal market is estimated at 3 trillion USD for the year 2020.

How large is the world's Muslim population?

There are 57 Muslim (or mostly Muslim) countries in the world. According to a study, dating from January 2011, there are 1.5 billion muslims.

What are the expectations of the Halal market?

The worldwide expectation is an exponentially growth within the following sectors: food, tourism, fashion, media & recreation, farmacie, cosmetics and finance.

How can I get a Halal Certification for my products?

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