Halal Awareness Training

The Hafsa Halal Awareness Training courses are tailored to your needs in order to give you the best possible learning experience.

Hafsa Halal Awareness Training Experience

The Best Possible Learning Experience

Our high standards of training are unique. With our blended learning strategy we combine webinars, e-courses and face-to-face training courses, ensuring the Hafsa Halal Training develops your experience and helps elevate your performance to the highest possible level.

Halal Courses

In this primary Halal Certification Introduction course we will discuss the basics on Halal, such as:
  • What is Halal?
  • What rules apply to the food sector?
  • What are trends in Halal food?
In this training you will be introduced to the role of Halal in the food sector and its certification.
After having completed this course, you will be able to:
  • Create Halal awareness
  • See new opportunities for your company
  • Asses applicability for your company
This course is interesting for:
Anyone with an interest in ‘Halal’ as a concept and topic within the food industry.
In consultation. The course takes half a day and has no open starting dates. Based on your specific requirements, we can customize and plan the course aligned to your needs.
In consultation.

In this halal certification course the first steps are taken for the certification of your product(s). It is therefore a tailor-made course which is suitable for bringing together a group of colleagues (different functions and departments).

After having completed this course you will able to: 

  • Gain insight into the Halal certification process for your business / product
  • Gain insight into the Halal standards
  • Gain insight into which possible obstacles you will encounter when certifying your products

This course is interesting for:

The management, Food Operation Managers and Supervisors, Food Service Providers, Technical Managers, Food Storage & Transportation companies.


In consultation. The training lasts a half day, but if you register with a large group we can offer customized training.

In consultation.

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The Hafsa Halal Awareness Training courses are developed in order to give you the best possible learning experience.